Nominated for Latvian Architecture Award 2020
DateAugust, September 2020
PlaceDzīvo Sapņu Dārzs, Ādaži, Latvia
CollaboratorsNOMAD Architects
The GO[A]T WASTE? project addresses material waste or the so-called “dark side” of the building industry on a very small and local scale, yet in an easy to understand way. With the process we intended to learn about circular building possibilities in Latvia, to educate the participants of the process on simple and easily usable knowledge that supports circularity and to inspire more people to accelerate the shift towards circularity.
The project is the expansion of the existing outdoor educational project in Adazi ‘Dzivo Sapnu Darzs’, where we raise not only the circular economy theme, but also aimed to engage local community into the process of building the project and educating local kids about the re-use of recycled materials through the simple craft activities as well as provide place for local craft studios promotion via participation. The project was done by using only reclaimed and reused materials, the only bought material were screws.
Our client was interested in developing small stands and hosting a workshop for children in Ādaži. But we took an advantage as architects and raised a challenge by suggesting the client a different approach - what if instead of creating a two day temporary structure that would be trashed after the event, one could avoid material waste and transform the structure for further use in the nearby mini zoo which is run by the client.