bring your most abstract project to life



architectural design

With consideration of recycled materials, community - focused and participation.


visualization in unique illustrative style

Including detailed 3D modelling, set of architectural drawings as plans and sections, graphic design and layouting.


private tutorials / workshops

Tutorial 01 - Japan inspired architectural illustrations - 1,5h / Tutorial 02 - Architectural CV and Portfolio layouting - 1h


physical architectural models

Creation of models in various sizes, filming of step-by-step processes


about me

As a passionate architectural designer, I have been fortunate enough to engage with and learn about different cultures whilst studying in Denmark, the UK and Japan, as well as during my time working in Vietnam. Exploring the inspirations for architecture and design choices in these different societies have had a profound effect on my work.

I have a degree in architectural technology, as well as hold a RIBA Part 2 Architecture qualification, and as part of my studies, I was nominated for the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship in 2020, as a result of my research on the topic of Craft Revival. This concept is the driving force and core value behind every piece of work I create or project I undertake.

Recently, I have completed the first realised architectural project and was nominated for the Latvian Architectural Award 2020 using circular economy, community participation and self-build principles.

Away from my qualifications, I have a deep interest in bricolage and the role it plays in current and future architecture. Combined with a passion for environmental-friendly, unintentional community architecture, these are two aspects of my work that I continue to research, learn a great deal from and hope to expand on more in the coming years.




Hypothetical narratives of living structures

Japan-inspired architectural illustrations

Japanese traditional timber joinery

Micro home